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Sponsor a Project: Invest in African-led Initiatives

Released Jun 25, 2012
As a sponsor, you are an integral part of building the work of AAPDEP. Without your commitment, the pressing needs of the people on the ground take unnecessarily longer periods of time; time that mothers, babies and families cannot afford. You play a vital role as a donor, ensuring the sustainability and success of one of several projects happening in Sierra Leone. Sponsorship gives you an opportunity to have a direct impact on the lives of African people in Sierra Leone. This is an opportunity for your commitment to go beyond a directed campaign or scheduled tour. This work is important, not only to Africans in Sierra Leone, but also to Africans who are watching from around the world. We are now calling on everyone to invest in what the people have started and because and our projects are ongoing it's even more important that we help solidify the foundation for self-reliance.
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