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Protest against Seth Williams, first Philadelphia black DA

Released Jan 6, 2010

On Monday, January 4, the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM), the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, MOVE and the New Afrikan Liberation Front held a militant demonstration protesting the inauguration of newly elected district attorney Seth Williams.

The demonstration was a sign of commitment, by InPDUM and other comrades, to this new period of struggle for black power in Philadelphia against a neocolonial (white power in black face) government led by mayor Michael Nutter, police chief Charles Ramsey and now Seth Williams. They are known as the Uncle Tom Trinity.

Williams’ election came after nearly two decades of the DA's office being run by Lynne M. Abraham, a rabid white nationalist who never indicted one cop for murder of African people during her term.

Seth Williams is no different from Lynn Abraham. Look at the facts:

  • Seth Williams spent 10 years as an assistant prosecutor locking Africans up while allowing killer cops to walk free.
  • During his campaign Williams vowed to cut homicide in Philly by arresting more black men.
  • Seth Williams bragged that he would open up a prosecution office in every black neighborhood.
  • Seth Williams received a campaign endorsement from the Fraternal Order of Police after promising to execute Mumia Abu Jamal, freedom fighter and political prisoner.

At the demonstration InPDUM called on all lovers of freedom and social justice to unite with the following demands:

  • Immediate trial and conviction of all police who brutalize, murder and violate the democratic and legal rights of African people.
  • Immediate trial and conviction of all judges who violate the democratic and legal rights of African people in the judicial process.
  • Reparations (payment) to ALL African victims of police murder and brutality.
  • Police commissioner Ramsey must release the names of police who murder and brutalize African people. Stop the secret police death squads.
  • Reparations and economic development for the African community, $1 billion for jobs and businesses, not police and prisons!
  • African community control of the police, courts and government!

InPDUM is especially calling on African people whose rights have been violated by the police, courts or prisons to file a report with InPDUM. For more information about joining InPDUM and participating in this campaign contact: or call 215-713-8751.

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