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New video by revolutionary hip hop group Lopango Ya Banka

Released Jan 11, 2012

New song "Kongo Bololo" from revolutionary hip hop group Lopango Ya Banka!

The following is a brief interview with Wabuza Nkalunga, Uhuru Movement organizer in Germany and leader of Hip hop group Lopango Ya Banka, about their latest music video offering, 'Kongo Bololo'.

The video was directed and produced by Lopango Ya Banka themselves and is in the popular Congolese language of Lingala. It was filmed mainly in Congo, but features footage of the Uhuru movement organizers on the Christmas eve Congo protest in London and footage from protests in Belgium, France and Germany. There is also some footage of protest action in Congo in there as well as clips from presentations at the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations' national conference in opposition to the "Other Wars." The group are heavily into physical training, especially boxing as you can see. One needs to be fit for revolution!

Interviewer: What would you say the song is about? What is the translation for the hook of the song?

Wabuza: The song is about revolution, in the hook the crowd say "oza bololo, oza bololo"... which means you're bitter! and i replied to them, "benga ngai kongo bololo, buza kongo bololo", meaning, "call me bitter Kongo, Wabuza bitter Kongo". The song is based on the bitter-tasting natural medicine for stomach pain and internal bleeding "Kongobololo". You can not imagine how bitter the medicine is, but it heals with full effect. With this song I wanted to portray an African metaphor, that our message is very bitter, but salutary and good for our people.

Interviewer: Would you describe Lopango Ya Banka as an African Internationalist Hip hop group?

Wabuza: Yeah, Lopango Ya banka is definitely an African Internationalist hip hop group! The name Lopango Ya Banka means "land of the ancestors".

Interviewer: How can people get hold of this track and the album?

Wabuza: To get single songs, you can go on for the i tune, but for the whole album you can contact us on our Facebook page, 'Lopango Ya Banka'.

Interviewer: Is the new album coming soon?

Wabuza: Yes! The new album is on the way and should be out early this year!

Lopango Ya Banka will be performing at the Patrice Lumumba ASI event in Frankfurt Saturday January 14th (more details on the events page of Uhuru News).

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