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Help us Reach our $4000 Goal: African Self-Determination in Action

Released Dec 17, 2011

Note: While the date in the video has passed, the need for the resources for this very important trip has not. Donate to the All African People's Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) today and contribute to the success of these very important projects.

We are calling on all friends, members and supporters to help with urgently needed resources to send an AAPDEP leadership contingent to Sierra Leone.

The purpose of the AAPDEP trip is four-fold:

  1. To finalize the plan of action and timeline for building the new AAPDEP-WIND birthing center
  2. To initiate plans for a 2012 AAPDEP winter project that would bring volunteers from throughout the world into Sierra Leone to participate in AAPDEP healthcare and agricultural work
  3. To establish the organizational and legal infrastructure necessary to build our economic development capacity in the country
  4. To document AAPDEP's work through video and photographs that will be used in the creation of a short film on the fight to improve birth outcomes for African women and babies.

In the six months since Nurse Midwife Mary Koroma's return to Sierra Leone following the successful US-wide Stop the Hemorrhaging Tour, AAPDEP has made incredible advancements in our work to improve the lives and health of pregnant women and children in the country.

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