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Africans and supporters worldwide are turning to independent African-centered media. We are pleased to offer the opportunity to reach our audience.

Through Burning Spear Media you can reach an audience that is especially interested in supporting independent African-owned endeavors. At the same time, you are supporting the sustainability of independent African-owned and controlled media that tell our stories and bring us together, uncensored by white and corporate or government media owners.

The Burning Spear newspaper

These are our monthly advertising rates. Prices are for black ink only. If you prefer your ad to be printed in color, we will be happpy to discuss this with you.

  • $40 business card (3.5" x 2")
  • $60 eighth page (5" x 4")
  • $80 quarter page (5" x 8")
  • $150 half page (10" x 8")
  • $250 full page (10" x 16")

10% discount if ad runs for 2 months
20% discount if ad runs for 4 months
30% discount if ad runds for 6 months

(All discounted ads must be paid in advance in full by check, online or via monthly recurring charge online)

Payment and artword for ads in The Burning Spear newspaper are due by the 15th of the month.

Banner Ads display in the right-hand column of each page on our site and link to your website. Ads randomly rotate position with each visit so that all sponsors will be featured "above the fold" equally.


  • Small (150 x 75 pixels) - $25/month ($20/month for 6-month run, paid in advance or through online recurring card payment)
  • Medium (150 x 150 pixels) - $35/month ($30/month for 6-month run, paid in advance or through online recurring card payment)
  • Large (150 x 250 pixels) - $45/month ($40/month for 6-month run, paid in advance or through online recurring card payment)

Graphic Design Services

We can design your ad too! For only $25/hour Uhuru Design Studio will custom design your print or web ad. Most ad designs are completed within 2-3 hours depending on design requirements and number of change requests.

Uhuru Radio

We want to work with you within your budget to meet your objectives. Audio production servies are available if needed. Please contact Ron Bobb-Semple at or at 727-824-5700.

Advertising packages

Improve your audience reach while keeping costs down by advertising on more than one of Burning Spear Media's outlets. Please contact Ron Bobb-Semple at or at 727-824-5700.

By sponsoring Burning Spear Media you are supporting the African-led Uhuru Movement, which is building an independent African economy.

Black Star Industries fosters collective African business ownership and community commerce and is our economic future, developing wealth and prosperity for Africa and African people everywhere.

The All African People's Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) was developed as part of a strategy to win true and lasting self-determination for African people worldwide.

The African People's Education and Defense Foundation (APEDF) is a nonprofit organization with institutions and programs that address the grave disparities in health, education and economic development faced by the African community, and defending the human and civil rights of the African community.

Uhuru Foods mission is to create, produce and sell the freshest natural food that raises resources supporting African self-determination and self-sustaining economic development projects

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