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Uhuru Radio: From Katrina to Killer Kops: New Orleans STILL Under Siege!

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From Show:
Broadcast: Apr 4, 2012
Length: 120:01 minutes
Access: Public
Download Link: Right-Click or Control-Click Here
View online at! This Week on African Resistance Now! Live from New Orleans, La From Katrina to Killer Kops: New Orleans STILL Under Siege! ... InPDUM has always understood that the U.S. government used Katrina as a weapon of mass destruction to uproot the entire African community of 9th ward and other surrounding areas - making way for white gentrifiers and major corporate entities to take over our community. During and since Katrina, the police repression of the African community has been off the chain. At the same time, the poverty of the African community has only deepened, creating the most violent conditions our people have faced in that city since slavery. Since this year has started N.O. has had 27 horizontal murders and a nearly equal amount of police murders. The African middle class petty bourgeois has used the violence created by the state as a justification to bring in the National Guard to occupy the African communities of New Orleans. There have been various petty bourgeois led civic and religious groups rallying behind the state rep Autin Badon (who made the first proposal from senate floor). InPDUM understands that the solution to poverty and violence within the African community is economic development. The car jackings, murders and overall violence would not be taking place were it not for the government's economic quarantine of the black community.
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