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Charlie Hebdo and a white world whose ideological expressions reflect dying relations of parasitic capitalist production

Hundreds of French Jews from the largest Jewish population in Europe are said to be rushing off to Occupied Palestine or Israel in search of protection from Muslims. Full Story

Our Generation Needs Liberation Music, Not Protest Songs

Eleven months before the release of dead prez's Let's Get Free, Amadou Diallo's body had abs... Full Story

St. Louis police union president incites white riot at City Hall meeting

ST. LOUIS, MO--On Thursday, January 29, 2015, African people came out to a meeting to demand the e... Full Story

videoWatch: Black People's Grand Jury Ferguson - Day 2, Part 2

This historic exercise of black State power, held January 3 and 4, 2015 in Ferguson, MO, exposed the... Full Story

Diasporic Music: Artists help us celebrate the life of African martyr Malcolm X

El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) was assassinated 50 years ago on Feb. 21, 1965 because of his attempt to internationalize the struggle of African people inside the United States. Full Story

videoWatch: Black People's Grand Jury Ferguson - Day 1, Part 2

This historic exercise of black State power, held January 3 and 4, 2015 in Ferguson, MO, exposed the... Full Story

Aja Zola wins Biko Lumumba Comrade of the Quarter Award

Nominated by Aisha Fields, All African People's Development and Empowerment Project & African People's Socialist Party and Omowale Kefing, African People's Socialist Party and Uhuru News. Here is an excerpt of what Aisha Fields and Omowale Kefing had to say: Full Story

videoMother of Cary Ball, shot 21 times by St. Louis cops, testifies at Ferguson Black People's Grand Jury

Mother of Cary Ball, shot 21 times by cops in St. Louis, testifies at the Ferguson Black People's Gr... Full Story

videoOmali Yeshitela: "They call it crime"

Chairman Omali Yeshitela explains how the police come into African communities looking for "trouble"... Full Story

videoOmali Yeshitela speaks on the roots of racism and Zionism

Omali Yeshitela, leader of the Uhuru Movement and Chairman of the African Socialist International... Full Story

Gil Scott and Jimmy Ruffin

Full Story

African women's healthcare under colonial white power

We are vital to the functioning of our communities. As mothers, teachers, activists and leaders, our presence and well-being are essential. Full Story

videoOmali Yeshitela speaks on condemning the attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine

Omali Yeshitela, leader of the worldwide Uhuru Movement and Chairman of the African Socialist Int... Full Story

videoPenny Hess: "I am not Charlie"

Penny Hess, Chairwoman of the African People's Solidarity Committee, read the statement, "I am... Full Story

videoJesse Nevel speaks on the roots of Zionism

Jesse Nevel, Chair of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM), speaks on the roots of Zionism on Sund... Full Story

videoPenny Hess speaks on the roots of racism and Zionism

Penny Hess, Chairwoman of the African People's Solidarity Committee, speaks at a community forum ... Full Story

videoMike Brown's uncle's breaks down in tears at the Ferguson Black People's Grand Jury

Bernard Ewing, uncle of Mike Brown, testifies at the Black People's Grand Jury in Ferguson on Januar... Full Story

On the death of MOVE member Phil Africa - Long Live Phil Africa!

Phil Africa was "first minister of defense" for John Africa, who founded MOVE in 1972. John Africa died in the 1985 fire. Full Story

"Break the Silence! Refuse to be Complicit!" Uhuru Solidarity Movement builds for National Convention on March 7-8, 2015 in Gainesville, Florida

On March 7-8, 2015, the Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM) will host its National Convention, "Break the Silence! Refuse to Be Complicit!" in the city of Gainesville, Florida. Full Story

AAPDEP's Newest Executive Committee Members

WASHINGTON, D.C.--We are excited to announce the newest members of our International Executive Committee, Aja Zola (Houston, TX) and Hadyah El (Philadelphia, PA). Full Story

Cribgate: Foster Care Sharecropping

Dorothy and Lawrence Dunning have been in a horrific 6-year battle for custody of their two grandchildren who were stolen from them through U.S. Government Policies and Programs. Full Story

International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement - Sweden condemns the attacks on mosques in Sweden

There have been three attacks in one week alone.One mosque has been attacked twice, burning the mosque. Full Story

"I am not Charlie"

Penny Hess, Chairwoman of the African People's Solidarity Committee, read the following statement-"I am not Charlie"-at the annual Conference of the African People's Solidarity Committee held in St. Petersburg, FL on Jan. 11 and 12. Full Story

Scotland struggle for "independence" exposes decay of imperialism

LONDON--As the crisis of British imperialism deepens, the September 18th referendum on Scotland's independence from the United Kingdom ranks as a clear indicator of just how much in trouble British capitalism is in. Full Story

videoOmali Yeshitela gives Black People's Grand Jury instructions before deliberation

Omali Yeshitela speaks to the Black People's Grand Jury, explaining why Darren Wilson should be indi... Full Story

videoFerguson white cop Darren Wilson indicted! Black People's Grand Jury brings in first degree murder indictment

St. Louis, MO - On January 4, 2015, the Black People s Grand Jury voted 11 to 1 to indict former ... Full Story

A Tribute to Pauline Opango Lumumba

LONDON, UK--Pauline Opango, the wife of Patrice Lumumba passed away on 23 December in Kinshasa. Full Story

Harriet's Daughters from The Burning Spear newspaper: Makda Yohannes speaks at Black is Back in London, UK

Editor's Note: The following is a presentation from Comrade Makda Yohannes, Europe Representative, African Socialist International (ASI) And International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) leader in Sweden. Full Story

Get Focused! The demand of the movement at this time must be "Black Community Control of the Police"

Hundreds of demonstrations continue to sweep the U.S. since the police murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014. These demonstrations, punctuated by acts of civil disobedience of varying degrees of disruptive power, have escalated since the St. Louis grand jury refused to indict Darren Wilson, the police murderer of the 18-year-old Brown. Full Story

"I m a 20th Century escaped slave" An Open Letter from Assata Shakur

My name is Assata Shakur, and I am a 20th century escaped slave. Because of government persecution, I was left with no other choice than to flee from the political repression, racism and violence that dominate the US government's policy towards people of color. Full Story

Black People's Grand Jury subpoenas Darren Wilson and other officials for murder of Michael Brown! Register now!

Prosecutors for the Black People's Grand Jury subpoenaed policeman Darren Wilson last week in the murder of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. Full Story

"Wings on Pigs" - Our struggle for black freedom and the deaths of two New York City cops!

On Saturday, December 20, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, two members of the U.S. domestic colonial occupying military called police, were shot down in Bedford-Stuyvesant while sitting in their car, doing what police do. Full Story

"The Interview" - A review of reactionary white power arrogance

You don't need to suffer through all two hours of the Sony-produced film The Interview to understand why the people and government of North Korea would detest such a piece of vulgar propaganda. Full Story

Black People's Grand Jury to convene in Ferguson, MO

FERGUSON, MO - The decision by the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) to conduct a Black People's Grand Jury on January 3 and 4, 2015 to determine the case of the August 9, 2014 murder of Mike Brown by white cop Darren Wilson has been greeted with enthusiasm by Africans in the St. Louis area as well as other locations where the information has reached. Full Story

Police murder another 18-year-old African in St. Louis-Ferguson-Berkeley area

Although it is the City of Berkley policy that all cops wear body cameras, the cop who shot and murdered Antonio claims that his camera was either not on or that he had forgotten it in his patrol car. Full Story

Response to Ebola Epidemic in West Africa

In an effort to address the grave conditions of existence of African people in resource-rich Sierra Leone, we have established a number of clean water, community health and education initiatives throughout the country, where we have worked since 2005. Full Story

Build African Martyrs Day 2015!

Go to Institutionalize February 21 as the Day of the African Martyr! or the 1981 APSP resol... Full Story

Spear manager facing seven years in prison on bogus charges

The county employees, who accused me of being cruel to my dog, JJ, harnessed him, dragged him out of my house, tossed him in a truck, and took him somewhere and caged him, until they killed him by lethal injection. Full Story

Cuba President Raul Castro speaks on Cuba - U.S. relations

Editors Note: The following is a statement by Cuban President Raul Castro made on December 17, 20... Full Story

videoBlack People's Grand Jury in Ferguson Jan 3rd & 4th

In the wake of the St. Louis County grand jury decision not to indict killer cop Darren Wilson in... Full Story

Police murder black man in Reading, U.K.

Aston wanted to explore different countries and raise his two children; instead his life was cut short by the police. Full Story

Stop and frisk puts Chicago InPDUM member in jail and in mug shot magazine

We want the right to free speech and political association, a guarantee of the right to work for the betterment and emancipation of black people without fear of political imprisonment and loss of life, limb, and livelihood. Full Story

Burning Spear Media Telethon successful!

Four new programs, to be aired on Uhuru Radio, were launched, during the Telethon,: (a) Great Moments in African History (b) Report from Sweden with Makda Yohannes and Sia Aqli (c) Common Ground with Alex Jordann Darby and (d) Revolutionary Health and Fitness with John Thomas. Full Story

Conference to consolidate the African National Women's Organization!

One major issue that will be discussed is the impact that colonialism has had on the African family unit. In the U.S. nearly 72 percent of African children are born to single parents, with a majority of them being raised by single mothers. Almost half of African children in Britain are being raised by single parents. Full Story

Mobutu, Ali-Foreman and the music in 1974

Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Wa Za Banga was one of the worst African leaders who ever lived. Mobutu had a hand in the deaths of Patrice Lumumba (A Great Son of Africa), Maurice Mpolo and Joseph Okito on January 17, 1961. Full Story

videoSt. Petersburg InPDUM forum mobilizes for black community control of the police

In light of the ongoing police murders across the U.S., and particularly the murder of Michael Br... Full Story

Electoral politics and the African vote: Zaki Baruti's run for St. Louis County executive

Baruti was among the first to go to Canfield Drive where 18-year-old Mike Brown s corpse lay face down, decomposing in 100 degree plus heat for four and a half hours after being gunned down by colonial police Darren Wilson. Full Story

videoAaron O'Neal says Protest to Continue Unless Colonialism is Overturned

Aaron O'Neal from the African People's Socialist Party USA says the problem is not "race" and color,... Full Story

videoAisha Fields says Obama has been jolted out of delusion by his "Post Racial" Society

Comrade, Aisha Fields, says people are building a people's movement through protest. She finds it ir... Full Story

videoChairman Omali Yeshitela debates white man on issue of black justice on Press TVs Black Record

Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African People's Socialist Party debates Michael Lane, President... Full Story

videoChairman Omali Yeshitela at press conference in front of St. Pete police station

On December 4, 2014, Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African People's Socialist Party, spoke at a p... Full Story

In Support of Jefferson City March

There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man l... Full Story

Build white solidarity with the African liberation struggle!

Join the African People's Solidarity Committee on January 11 and 12, 2015 in St. Petersburg, Florida for our national conference featuring a keynote presentation by Chairman Omali Yeshitela and APSC Chairwoman Penny Hess. Full Story

Uhuru Tours presents Chairman Omali Yeshitela 2015 Worldwide Tour

ST PETERSBURG, FL--Uhuru Tours and Speakers Bureau is launching Chairman Omali Yeshitela ' s 2015 worldwide tour targeting the U.S., Canada, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean, with the slogan, ' Presenting African Internationalism to the world. ' Full Story

Ferguson reignites Black Liberation Movement inside U.S. borders!

Full of lies, deceit and disrespect for African life McCullough's statement pandered to every white nationalist clich that criminalizes African people and blames us for our oppression. Full Story

videoOmali Yeshitela sums up African resistance in Ferguson and the broader U.S.

ST. LOUIS, MO: Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African People's Socialist Party talks with Iran's P... Full Story

videoYejide Orunmila #FergusonDecision Interview with Press TV

WASHINGTON, D.C. - APSP member Yejide Orunmila is interviewed by Iran's Press TV about the grand jur... Full Story

Cleveland police murder 12-year-old Tamir Rice - "Fists Up! Fight Back!"

The most profound comment Tamir's father made came when he said "The police know what they're doing." He's right. Like Malcolm X said nearly 50 years ago, "As long as they've been doing it, they're experts at it." Full Story

videoFill the streets for black community control of police

Find out more about #Ferguson grand jury decision #TheDayAfter events in your area at Full Story

Protest on the day after Ferguson Grand Jury decision! Fill the streets!

Join thousands around the U.S. and world in massive protests calling for justice for Mike Brown and African people everywhere, regardless of the grand jury s decision! Full Story

InPDUM St Louis-Ferguson digs in deep for Day After Verdict Protests - Pay Attention!

It would be wise for members of INPDUM to move with one another, whenever possible, since we are going out with protestors and demonstrators from other groups and interest sectors and do not know the tactics and methods they are planning. Full Story

From the National Central Committee of the African People's Socialist Party

"at this moment the contradictions associated with the arrest of the Chairman at this period of imperialist crisis, when imperialism is reckless and desperate, outweigh the immediate benefits that his arrest might bring." Full Story

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine speak out on recent violence in Jerusalem

What is being called Har Nof was in fact built on the ruins of the village of Deir Yassin, ethnically cleansed in 1948 and hundreds of Palestinians slaughtered at the hands of the Haganah and Zionist terror organizations, as they expelled hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their land" Full Story

Masses rise up against neo colonialism in Burkina Faso

Sankara was the inspiration of the militant African masses that brought down Compaore. Full Story

The battle for Ferguson: The struggle for independence and autonomy

We have to also politicize the community and explain why voter registration drives are not delivering the real change we need because we're voting in leaders who are collaborators with the very system that is responsible for murdering Michael Brown. Full Story

video17-year-old black girl (Brittney Overstreet) slammed to the ground and beaten by police!

Chimurenga Waller of the African People's Socialist Party interviews Benny Green during Burning Spea... Full Story

Ferguson update! Fill the streets the day after the verdict!

To locate where Day After actions are happenning in your area go to Black is Back Coalition Facebook page. Full Story

Free all anti Szwartz Piet Demonstrators - End Colonial Santa Claus Parade

All Black Piets in the parade are White people dressed with fake locs, faces painted black and lips red. Full Story

Drum and Spear - Letters to the Editor

The power of the week-long boycott reminded the State that their power to oppress prisoners and the people more often than not depend on our consent. Once we withdraw that consent their sense of security and control becomes much less certain. Full Story

AAPDEP Houston Branch 5th Ward Community Garden teach-in for students of YES Prep School

As an organization dedicated to developing community based projects which focus on improving the quality of life of African people worldwide, AAPDEP has a three- fold mission focusing on health, agriculture, and education. Full Story

Reverand Pickney convicted with no evidence

Pinkney and other members of the Benton Harbor community group, BANCO (Black Autonomy Network Community Organization), have led multiple petition drives to recall local officials as one strategy of their campaign to promote democracy, civil rights, and economic justice in the county. Full Story

Diasporic Music - Jalali Pens tribute to Milton "The Voice" Blake

The Fort George St. Ann Bay, Jamaica-born Blake would have been 70 years old on September 25th. I lost a part of myself when Blake succumbed to colon cancer on October 18, 2007. It was like losing an arm, a leg or an eye. Full Story


When the FBI makes these kinds of noises in public, you can be sure that a national counter-intelligence operation is already fully in motion. Full Story

Cabral's Culture Corner Poetry

African Internationalism unites the many to defeat the few. Divisive, false borders and labels are our oppressor's tools. Full Story

Support Burning Spear Media - our own black stories, our own black voices!

Only the media that WE OWN tells the truth about our lives, our experiences and our struggles. Burning Spear Media is your media and needs your support! Full Story

"Win the African working class beyond fighting against the issue of the moment"

The Tactics and Strategy paper was given by me as a presentation to a black organizers ' ' conference at Amherst University in 1977 that included the participation of the venerable Ella Baker, and Robert Williams, who was a notable figure in the African Liberation Movement. Full Story

videoZenzele Consignment Online Holiday Auction - Nov 24-Dec 10

AAPDEP newest economic initiative - Zenzele Consignment - launches an online Holiday Auction. Your ... Full Story

Harriet's Daughters - Edited by Yejide Orunmila

The following article from Waleeah Brooks, International Chair of InPDUM, explains the struggle to be a revolutionary and how the problems confronted by revolutionary organization are, in fact, directly connected to her condition as a single parent. Full Story

Scientist say Ebola brought to Africa

Because of the widespread loss of life, fear, physiological trauma and despair among Liberians and other West African citizens, it is incumbent that I make a contribution to the resolution of this devastating situation, which may continue to recur, if it is not properly and adequately confronted Full Story

Online Holiday Auction to Raise Start Up Funds for AAPDEP Institution

Zenzele Consignment will be conducting an online auction! Full Story

Black is Back on track

The following are two poems written by poet extraordinaire Raymond Nat Turner. Full Story

Ferguson fights on! Forward ever! Backwards Never!

After years of witnessing and being subjected to police murder and brutality, the assassination of Mike Brown with his hands up was the "straw that broke the camel's back." Full Story

videoInPDUM Launches Geared for Revolution campaign

InPDUM Apparel is an economic development project of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Mov... Full Story

videoBlack is Back Coalition's Lawrence Hamm calls for "Next Day" action on Ferguson grand jury decision

Lawrence Hamm, Chairman of the People's Organization for Progress and member of the Black is Back... Full Story

videoBlack is Back Coalition speakers call for "Day After" action when the Ferguson grand jury vindicates Mike Brown's killer

Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Revolution calls for "Next Day" actions throug... Full Story

"Peace Through Revolution": Black is Back March and Rally Nov 1 and 2

"The Black Is Back Coalition held firmly to its founding principles of unity in struggle against imperialism, white supremacy and the rule of the rich." Full Story

Vote for Zaki Baruti for ST. Louis County Executive!

The following video is an endorsement by Chairman Omali Yeshitela of the write-in candidacy of Zaki Baruti for the office of St Louis County Executive in the upcoming November 4, 2014 general elections. Full Story

Press Release: March and Rally Will Happen Rain or Shine!

CONTACT: Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations, 224-572-9887 or 727-821-6620 Full Story

Supporters fight for freedom of Ta'Von Grayson shot 8 times by Orlando police then put in jail

The Free Ta von Committee presented evidence, at the October 21 press conference and demonstration, proving that the police violated their own protocol when they shot Ta Von. Full Story

Nov. 1 "Black is Back" march on the White House gains momentum

The list of endorsers and participants for the November 1 and 2 "Peace through Revolution" mobilization sponsored by the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations (BIBC) continues to grow daily. Full Story

Houston AAPDEP set to hold hands-on training for students

Volunteers of AAPDEP and members will be present to engage the students at different stations arranged in the garden so the students will learn specific aspects of gardening at each station stopover. Full Story

U.S. cannot win in the Mid-East as it's every ally pursues its own interests

The beheading of two white men, one from Britain and one from the U.S. was used to promote imperialist violence and terror and to win white people to support their governments' wars of aggression in the Middle East. Full Story

Drum and Spear - Letters to the Editor

Thank you for the newspaper. It was inspiring. I love to hear about the true Freedom Fighters of the people. Full Story

Remembering Peter Tosh: Stepping Razor

Black musicians have always practiced African internationalism. Duke Ellington's band was Pan-African. Moreover, Cuba and Black America have had a special relationship. Full Story

Denzel Washington's role as "The Equalizer" reivewed

"As an industry that produced great wealth while massaging the public consciousness, film had long received the keen attention of labor and capital alike." Full Story

Ta'Von Grayson Must be set Free

"What happens inside the courtroom is determined by what happens outside the courtroom!" "Mobilize for Court hearing on Tuesday, October 21, 2014!" Full Story

Ebola is U.S. biological warfare against African people!

"Poverty is imposed on Africa so there is little or no nutritional food and this is also a factor that makes the people susceptible to Ebola and a host of other illnesses that kill us too soon." Full Story

Ferguson: Yes, Black is Back!

Police murder of African people, especially young African men, is normal, and it is routine throughout the length and breadth of the United States. Full Story

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videoWatch: Black People's Grand Jury Ferguson - Day 1, Part 2

This historic exercise of black State power, held January 3 and 4, 2015 in Ferguson, MO, exposed the...
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Talk live with African Socialist International Chairman Omali Yeshitela and a live panel discussing current events, including the killing of 20 children at an elementary school in Connecticut, and the recent exposure of more drug-dealing on the part of major imperialist banking institutions. As reported in Uhuru News, "HSBC (Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation) was founded in 1865 as Britain's main drug pusher in Asia, which, along with the trade in African people and the colonial domination of much of the world, is the basis for the wealth of Britain, the U.S. and world capitalism today. While one out of every eight people incarcerated in the entire world is an impoverished African in the U.S., the HSBC bank simply paid $1.9 billion to the cash-strapped U.S. government and charges were dropped. The $1.9 billion is just a drop in the bucket of HSBC's 173 billion dollars in shares on the stock market and assets of 2.6 trillion dollars. "
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Live discussion with Luwezi Kinshasa, Secretary-General of the African Socialist International (ASI) on unrest in Burkina Faso, crisis in Ivory Coast and updates on the imperialist attack on Libya. Host Nyabinga Dzimbahwe also takes a look on this anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. at why the U.S. government killed him.
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Host Nyabinga Dzimbahwe interviews African Socialist International (ASI) Secretary-General Luwezi Kinshasa on the imperialist assault on Libya occurring now. ASI Chairman Omali Yeshitela also joins the discussion by phone.

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